Air, Cabin and Oil Filters

Have you ever asked what type of filters are being installed on your vehicle?  Not all filters are equal. There are a lot of filters made that are a one size fits all type filter.  This is not a filter you want used on your vehicle.

At Luyet Automotive, we use only quality air, cabin, fuel and oil filters.  No cheap quality filters here. Filters are one of the most important maintenance items on your vehicle to keep it running efficiently and for the longevity of your vehicle.

Oil change services are one of the most important services to keep your vehicle running healthy.  Quality filters can help keep your oil cleaner in between oil changes.  The oil helps to keep the engine lubricated and cooled off.  Oil change services are not only about servicing the engine oil and filter.  There are many items and areas that should be inspected to keep your vehicle operating correctly.  For more information on our oil change services click here.

Cabin filters can become clogged over time.  If you notice a reduction in the flow of air from the air conditioner, your cabin filter may be stopped up or dirty and you may need a new cabin filter.  The cabin filter is filtering the air coming into the cab of the vehicle and you want that air to be clean.

Air filters keep your vehicle’s engine running efficiently.  It helps to maximize fuel economy and fuel mileage as well as keeps dirt particles from entering the engine’s air intake system.  This dirt acts like a sand blaster to the engine components and can damage them.