Do you think your battery is weak? Don’t wait until it dies and leaves you stranded.  Vehicles today will not always give a warning that the battery is weak or bad.

Luyet Automotive’s experienced technicians can perform a load test to confirm that your battery still holds the proper charge.  If the battery doesn’t meet standards, we will inform you of your options.  We can remove your old battery and dispose of it and replace it with a new battery quickly.  We stock a variety of different sized batteries that fit most vehicles.  If we don’t stock it, we can get you one quickly to get you back on the road.

All of our batteries come with a free replacement warranty timeframe and a pro-rated warranty timeframe.  We will note your battery’s warranty on your invoice for your convenience and we also keep it in our computer system if there is ever an issue with your battery.

Give us a call today to let one of our certified technicians check your vehicle’s battery health and give you peace of mind that your vehicle won’t leave you stranded.