Check Engine Light

Many automotive shops or parts stores offer a free check engine light diagnostic.  The free reading usually only tells you what code(s) is stored in the vehicle but doesn’t tell you exactly what the problem is or what part is broken.  It can be very misleading.  The code will sometimes narrow down the area or location of the problem but doesn’t tell you how to fix the problem.  The check engine light is indicating that something is malfunctioning but misdiagnosing the problem can be costly and time consuming for the customer if they have to return to the shop.

At Luyet Automotive, we have certified technicians that can correctly diagnose your check engine light.  We have the same OEM factory scanners that the dealerships use for Ford, GM and Dodge.  We also have other scanners like the SnapOn Solus Edge and SnapOn Verus Edge Scanner with 4 channel lab scope to diagnose Ford, GM, Dodge, Honda, Toyota and other manufacturers.

The check engine light indicates that there is a problem with a particular circuit.  It doesn’t mean there is always a problem with a part and it could be that there is interference within the circuit.  Once the circuit is known, our expert technicians do a thorough inspection and computer scanner analysis to find the cause of the problem.  There are many components including wires, sensors and computers to be checked.   Sometimes this can be time consuming but worth the effort so that parts are replaced when they are not needed.   At Luyet Automotive, we are honest and upfront with our recommendations and repairs and will not recommend or sell you and repair or part unless your vehicle absolutely needs it.

We want to diagnose your check engine light and problem accurately the first time so that the light doesn’t reappear and save you time and money.

If you are experiencing a check engine light on in your vehicle, give us a call today to have your check engine light diagnosed.