At Luyet Automotive, we perform many different types of vehicle inspections.  We understand that our customers need to have peace of mind and know that their vehicle is safe and functioning properly to get to work, travel, or transport their family.

Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI)

With all our inspections and oil change services, we provide a digital vehicle inspection (DVI). We provide our technicians with an ipad to perform the inspections.  The DVI allows the technician to mark off each area as they inspected it.  They can make notes as they go and can take pictures of problematic areas that they discover during the inspection.  The DVI inspection report is printed out for our customers and we also have the ability to email our customers the DVI inspection report so that they can share it with others and see in color the problematic areas.  For example, if belts are cracked on a vehicle we can provide photos of the cracked belt or if there is an oil leak we can provide photos showing where oil is leaking.   The DVI Inspection allows us to provide our customers with a list of points inspected and pictures and helps give the customer a sense of surety of the automotive repair needed and creates a relationship built on trust and honesty between the technician, service professional and customer.

Pre-purchase Inspection

When purchasing a used vehicle, it is hard for most people to know what condition the vehicle is just from looking at it or taking it for a short test drive.

Does the vehicle have leaks? What do the tires look like?  How much longer until brakes are need? What condition are the belts and hoses in? Is the battery good? What is the condition of the fluids? Is it safe to drive? Are there any visible problem areas that a certified automotive technician would see?

If you are purchasing a used vehicle and have any of these questions or other questions, give Luyet Automotive a call to schedule your pre-purchase inspection.  We want our customers to be safe on the road and we want to inform them of any issues that our ASE-certified technicians discovered during the inspection to help them make a knowledge decision about their purchase.  Having the knowledge gained from the inspection before purchase, can help in the decision to purchase or pass on the vehicle or allow you to negotiate a better price or ask the seller to pay for repairs needed and save you money in the long run.

Our pre-purchase inspection includes a digital vehicle inspection (DVI).