Trailer Services

Travel Trailers – Boats – Utility Trailers – Equipment Trailers – Horse Trailers, etc.

Luyet Automotive can service your trailer to keep you safe on the road.  Whether it is a utility trailer, horse trailer, boat or travel trailer, we can inspect and repair lamp wiring, inspect, replace and repair trailer brakes, and inspect, maintain trailer axles and wheel bearings.  We recommend servicing your trailer’s wheel bearings at least every two years.

We are able to offer a variety of different trailer tires. Let us give you a quote today for your trailer tires!


Trailer Services include:

  • Trailer lamp and wiring repair
  • Trailer brake replacement and repair
  • Trailer axle maintenance and replacement
  • Trailer Axle Wheel Bearing Service: Remove wheel hub, clean hub and bearings, inspect bears, repack wheel bearings with Valvoline multi-purpose wheel bearing grease, install new wheel seals, inspect brake shoes/pads where applicable, inspect tire condition and tread depth.